Improving Tilburg University

Contributing to Governance @Tilburg University

TiU International


  • Is a democratic, independent, open membership organization at Tilburg University. 
  • Contributes to central and decentral decision making. 
  • Is an inclusive organization (gender, job, nationality, school, division)
  • Is a personnel fraction at the University Council and TISEM Faculty Council. 
  • Aims at improving decision making at our university 
  • Is guided by a set of Core Values

Elections 2022

We participate in the elections for the University Council in 2022 

Become a Member

We are a member based organization with people from across our organization.
Members receive updates about our activities in the Council and can contribute to determining our Core Values and select the Board.

Contact us for more information.

Contribute to a project

We are currently working on a number of projects for the University Council. If you would like to contribute to a concrete project, let us know. 

Current initiatives:

    • Strengthening Participatory Councils
    • Activating International Students 
    • Detecting Burn-outs
    • Tenure Track Requirements

Signaling Problems

Experience structural organizational problems at your job? Dangerous situations on campus which are not solved even after they signaling them to the appropriate persons? Existing safety mechanisms not working (whistleblowers regulation, confidentiality advisors, psychologist)? Please contact us so we can can signal this to the Board. 

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