Background TiU-International

Fractie ‘TiU International’.

TiU International was founded in 2014.

We wanted to bring an international perspective into the University Council. After all, the academic world does not stop at the borders of the Netherlands.

We stand for

… the idea that academics, staff, and students find in Tilburg University (TiU) a welcoming and vibrant environment irrespective of being Dutch or not.

… the ambition that Tilburg University excels in education and research at the international level. This requires an international perspective and a benchmarking of our practices to those of our competitors in Europe, the US, and Asia.

… an organisation in which our leaders are chosen carefully and the idea that seniority comes with merit and not with age.

… thorough, inclusive, and transparent decision making.

In the 2014 University Council elections, we did not have much time to put together a list. To be precise, we had something like 24 hours. Nevertheless, we won two seats and Tobias Klein and Martin Salm represented our ideas in the council for 2014-2016.

Taking the next step: the 2016 elections

Motivated by this success , TiU International has since then gathered memberships from all over campus, from both academics and support staff. We are a democratic and transparent organisation. This is reflected in our regulations that the actions of our board.

One of our goals is still to take an international perspective, but the focus of TiU International has always been more general, namely to put its core values into practice.

In the 2016 elections, we wanted to take the next steps. We ran for the University Council, the TiSEM Faculty Council, and the new Service Council where we won three, and twice four seats respectively. Our ambitions were reflected in our lists that represent the perspective of support staff, Ph.D. students, and academics. They reflect the broad perspective our party takes, and the ambitions we have.

Are you interested in becoming involved?

TiU International is a member-based party. As a member you will be informed about TiU International’s activities through our mailing list. Furthermore, you will be able to vote in the Member’s Meeting (see our regulations for more information) and help us shape the future of Tilburg University. There are no further obligations attached.

To become a member or get in touch with TiU International, please email our secretary Bas Werker at

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