TiSEM Faculty Council 2016

Representing TiU International in the TiSEM Faculty Council

  1. Bert Willems (Associate Professor, Economics)
  2. Renata Sotirov (Full Professor, EOR)
  3. George Knox (Associate Professor, Marketing)
  4. Pavel Cizek (Associate Professor, EOR)

Other people on our candidate list for the 2016 election were:

  1. Rik Frehen (Associate Professor, Finance)
  2. Carol Ou (Associate Professor, Management)
  3. Fabio Castiglionesi (Associate Professor, Finance)
  4. Jan Potters (Full Professor, Economics)
  5. Juan Vera (Associate Professor, EOR)

Here’s our flyer. Click to enlarge.


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Knowledge knows no borders

  1. TiSEM offers a welcoming environment to all faculty and students, irrespective of cultural background or nationality.
  2. We collaborate with other universities to foster excellence in research and teaching.
  3. Any renovation of the Koopmans building primarily aims at creating an inspiring work environment and at stimulating proven forms of interaction among faculty and with students. Bricks follow brains, not the other way around.
  4. Structural changes in office environment, meeting or seminar rooms are approved by the Faculty Council.

Excellence in research and teaching

  1. TiSEM fosters an academic culture that rewards excellent academic performance of staff and students. Conversely, systematic underperformance has consequences.
  2. TiSEM will be flexible in offering three and four-year PhD positions.
  3. TiSEM’s human resource policy encourages bottom-up feedback.
  4. Teaching best-practices are school-specific and avoid empty phrases such as ‘research based learning’. Our own teaching ideas have priority over university-wide teaching visions.

Thorough, inclusive, and transparent decision making

  1. TiSEM has a firm strategy formed by its academic leaders that is not sacrificed to short-term budgetary problems.
  2. Budgets are based on realistic forecasts and not on best-case scenarios. They clearly distinguish between structural revenues and costs, and temporary transfers and projects.
  3. Department members receive every year a structured report on their department’s financial situation.
  4. The TiSEM Faculty Council sets its own agenda and forms a daily board that meets the dean bi-weekly.
  5. Departments receive financial compensation for representatives in the Faculty Council.
  6. Meetings and discussions in TiSEM always have clear goals. If not, we rather teach, write papers, or reach out to society. Working groups get clear public mandates and assignments and have an independent chairperson. The faculty management team explains its motivation in writing when deviating from their advice.
  7. TiSEM uses state-of-the-art decision-making tools and relies on data and evidence rather than on stories and gut feelings.

Top people at the top

  1. TiSEM sets new standards in appointing its leaders. In particular, the Faculty Council receives the right of advice for the (renewal of the) appointment of the dean, the vice-deans, the managing director, and the heads of departments. The advice will be made public jointly with the announcement of the appointment or renewal.
  2. Hiring, tenure, and promotion decisions adhere to best-practice international standards.