University Council 2014


In 2014, TiU International was represented in the University Council with by two representatives: Tobias Klein and Martin Salm

Election campaign

Tobias Klein

Since 2014, I am a representative of TiU International in the University Council. I have been heading the 2014 list of candidates and am also heading the list of candidates for the 2016 elections.

Important discussions I have been involved in related to the new data science initiative, BEST, the appointments of new members of the supervisory board, the re-appointment of our president, the discussion on the teaching vision, and the many discussions related to making our campus more lively and inspiring. You can get an idea about this on our Facebook page and in these articles.

My aim was always to point out how we can improve the way we are organising ourselves such that academics and support staff can work better together to achieve excellence in research and teaching and reach out to society, for instance by working with firms. In these discussions, my contributions have always been guided by the TiU International Core Values.

I believe that we should live ourselves what we preach. When working with co-authors, colleagues in my department, Ph.D. students and last but not least the students in our bachelor and master programs, I feel committed to the highest quality standards, transparency in the decision making, being a good communicator, sharing the burden, and working together.

See here for Tobias Klein’s personal website.

Martin Salm

I am a representative of TiU International in the University Council and also in the Finance and Infrastructure committee of the University Council.

We believe that the University should follow international best practice in order to achieve excellence in teaching and research.