We received a large number of enthusiastic reactions and endorsements from people who work all over the campus. Here is a selection:

I am very supportive of, and grateful for, your initiative.
Cédric Argenton, Economics Department

I would like to endorse the initiative.
Jihun Bae, Assistant Professor of Accounting

I am writing this email to support an international university council. Please count me in.
Tamas Barko, Department of Finance & Tilburg Sustainability Center

I think it is really great that international staff will take part in the employee’s participation system. I am positive that their voice will contribute towards a more international campus. I believe Tilburg University should keep on putting efforts in becoming an attractive international employer and create a working environment in which everyone could feel happy and inspired. I strongly believe that diversity would eventually contribute to our goals on excellent research and education.
Erik van Beers, HR Policy Advisor

I endorse your initiative.
Colette Cuijpers, Universitair docent, Tilburg Law School

TiU international! Very much needed! You have my support!
Patricio S. Dalton, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics

Great initiative and I truly wish you lots of success in the forthcoming elections. There is room for improvement as far as internationalization and outward-looking attitude at TiU are concerned. Success of your initiative will be a decisive step towards the right direction.
Panos Delimatsis, TILEC Director and Tilburg Law School

Thank you for your initiative.
Elena Golovko, Assistant Professor, Department of Management

I support the ideas that you are advocating.
Rob Grim, Head of Research Support/Research Data Specialist, Library and IT Services

I very much support the initiative.

Arthur Hayen, TRANZO, Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

I am happy to endorse the TiU International initiative on your campaign website.
Elisabeth Kempf, Ph.D Candidate in Finance

I support this initiative.
Ronald Leenes, Professor, Tilburg Law School and TILT

I’d like to support this initiative.
Zhengyu Li, Promovendus, Department of Management

I support your initiative.
Hao Liang, PhD Candidate in Finance

I would like to support your ticket and appreciate your initiative.
Rachel Lindsay, Scholarship Coordinator, Student Services—International Office

I was very impressed with the TiU International programme and I would like to endorse you.
Alberto Manconi, Assistant Professor, Finance Department

I think the time is right for internationalizing not only our research, teaching and outlook but also our internal representation.
Anne Meuwese, Tilburg Law School

I am more than happy to endorse the initiative to start the TiU International Party. Not just because of the initial starting point -internationalization- which I fully support. Just as important for me is that it really shows that academic staff -our university’s main asset- are eager to become more actively involved in TiU decision-making.
Willem Megens, policy advisor, TiSEM and Rectorate

I support the idea of involvement in the university council.
Ali Motavasseli, PhD student in Economics
Michèle B. Nuijten, MSc., PhD student, Department of Methodology and Statistics, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

It is a great idea to have a council with internationally minded people like you! I will be more than happy to endorse this initiative!
Carol Ou, Associate Professor, Department of Management

I very much support the goals of TIU International. It is important to have an international vision and ambition. This means true excellence in research and teaching. I support the new group’s program.
Rik Pieters, Professor of Marketing

I am happy to have my name with the school/service on your campaign website saying that I endorse your initiative.
Carlos Santos, Assistant Professor of Marketing

I heard about the new list for the university council election. I’d like to endorse your initiative. Good Luck!
Lei Shu, Ph.D. student, Economics Department

I support your international initiative.
Linda van der Tuijn, Program Coordinator TiSEM (former exchange coordinator)

I would like to support your initiative with an endorsement on the campaign website.
Annemarie van Vliet, Director of International Relations, School of Economics and Management International Office

I support the new list for the university council very much !! Especially the item about rethinking tearing down W building. During budget cut time, more funding should be spent on hiring more faculties, rather than building new mansion or upgrading new screens in library. Hope you can bring new air to the university !!! Let me know if there is anything more I can do to support.
Ruixin Wang, Ph.D. student in Economics

Great initiative, which I fully endorse. Good luck!
Arjen van Witteloostuijn, Full Professor at the Department of Management and Vice-Dean Research, TiSEM

I am writing to you to express my endorsement for TIU international list for university council.
Huaxiang Yin, Accounting Department